All production of the company "EST ETOILE GROUP" is produced on our own production facilities on the basis of technical regulations, specifications and State Standards. The manufacturing process is built on the basis of the approved routings and developed our own recipes.

Safety and high quality of products the company is a priority and an integral part of the manufacturing process and maintained at all levels - from the procurement of raw materials to the goods arrival to the consumer.

That's why we constantly take care of improving formulas and components of our products, improving the quality, effectiveness and safety, monitor the trends of raw materials, create new products recipes.

Also, control over the implementation of all regulatory and legislative requirements and inspection of each batch of products for compliance with standards set by the company and State Standards in the independent certified laboratory "VNDIKHIMPROEKT".

Today, the company manufactures products in the following directions:
ТМ “Est Etoile®”
Cosmetic prevention products
  • Cosmetic face masks (10 species);
  • Cosmetic hair mask (7 species);
  • Mud application for the prevention of cellulite, skin diseases, bone diseases.
ТМ “Natural Therapy®”
Personal care products
  • Liquid mineral cream soap based on Siwash Bay mud (3 species).
Today, we are actively working on expanding the range of products in this area. Soon expect interesting novelties.
Ecological household washing and cleaning products
Series of concentrated phosphate-free washing and cleaning products:
  • Phosphate-free washing powders (8 species);
  • Gels for washing (8 species);
  • Means for washing utensils (4 species);
  • Means for washing utensils in the dishwasher (3 species).
PROPRETE® Professional
Ecological household washing and cleaning products for professional use
Series phosphate-free washing and cleaning products for professional use:
  • Phosphate-free washing powder (10 species);
  • Gels for washing (3 species);
  • Means for washing utensils (3 species).

The company is continually evolving.

Our experts - technologists are constantly working on new product development.

Only after thorough research and laboratory tests the product goes to market.

Our Technology Department has developed new products that will be available soon, and there are for the kitchen washing, greasy surfaces, glass, bathroom and toilet, washing amplifiers and means for removing stains.

Monitor the output of these new products on our website in the "News" section.

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