About company

The company "EST ETOILE GROUP» - national manufacturer of phosphate-free products for the home (RROPRETE® Mistress ™), preventive cosmetics Est Etoile®, hygiene Natural Therapy®, tools for professional use (RROPRETE® Professional).

We have been working in Ukraine since 2009. During this time we managed to form a team of like-minded people, which seeks the production of high-quality environmentally friendly products, providing market entry and logistics of own production.

Our technologists have developed their own unique recipe, integrating modern technology and taking into account the needs of our customers. That is why the company's products have a good reputation and many loyal fans.

Headquartered in Obukhov (Kiev region). The production capacity - in Kagarlyk district (Kiev region).

The strategic priorities of our company:
All products are manufactured at our own production facilities on the basis of technical regulations, specifications and State Standards.
  • The entire production process is built on the basis of approved technical maps and own developed recipes.
  • Each product is tested in the laboratory, in laundries of specialized enterprises and directly in living conditions.
  • With its own manufacturing base, it becomes possible to fully control product quality at all production phases, set specific dates of orders and sell products at reasonable consumer prices.
High quality of products is a priority integral part of the production process and is supported at all levels –from purchasing of raw materials to consumer goods receiving. For this purpose, in structure of the company there is department, which provides:
  • Management of the system of product quality control and safety for humans and the environment.
  • Contributes to improving of product quality.
  • Quality control of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Developing new products according to established standards.
  • Control over the implementation of all regulatory and legislative requirements and inspection of each batch of products for compliance with standards set by the company and State Standards in the independent certified laboratory "VNDIKHIMPROEKT".
  • All raw materials used in production, is being tested for compliance with the declared quality, environmental parameters and European environmental standards. The company's specialists carry out systematic monitoring raw materials and finished products.
  • The company's products - safe for humans. In production, we do not use raw materials containing GMO, aggressive surfactants, phosphates, chlorine, zeolites, dangerous preservatives, toxic dyes and fragrances.
  • Also, safe for the environment, as evidenced by research on biodegradation of the components production by living organisms in vivo.
  • The company produces safe, healthier and environmentally friendly products while maintaining natural resources.
  • Being aware of great responsibility we have united their team of associates that shares our aspirations and moves in the same direction.
  • This involves continuous improvement of our professional competence, openness to new ideas, new approaches to work and attention to the feedback of our partners and customers.
  • We are constantly learning and sharing experience and improving our skills.
  • Company innovative activity involves the introduction new and improved technologies to increase the product quality and level of productivity.
  • We combine the knowledge and experience gained over many years of work, analyze international trends and markets, we collaborate with professionals from different areas of activity, we are in dialogue with customers.
  • Thanks to this, all the new ideas we check in practice.
  • We constantly take care of improving formulas and components of our products, improving the quality, effectiveness and safety, monitor the trends of raw materials, create new products recipes.
  • We are not resting on our laurels and are constantly moving forward.
  • We combine the knowledge and experience gained over many years of work, analyze international trends and markets, we collaborate with professionals from different areas of activity, we are in dialogue with customers.
  • We are constantly listening to our customers' needs and modern trends of the market development. For this reasonour products successfully combine high quality and democratic price.
  • For more information about the appearance of new products and presentation of new brands, you can look in the "News" section.
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